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Polymer Additives


Lubricant & Mold Release Agent

Oleon offers a large range of lubricants, both internal and external, for polymer processing. The polarity and crystallinity of the polymer matrix will direct the selection of the lubricants. Playing with the fatty acids, the alcohols and degree of esterification, the melting point and polarity of the ester can be fine tuned.


Radiasurf® fatty acid esters meet the most stringent requirements of the polymer industry. By reaction of polar alcohols of different chain length with non polar fatty acids of different chain length, the antistatic effect can be tailored to meet the requirements of your application.

Antidrip & Antifogging

The antidrip and antifogging agents produced by Oleon are highly appreciated for greenhouse films production and applications that come into contact with food. Most of our products are approved for food contact in Europe and US.

Surfactant & Pigment Disperser

Compatibilisation and emulsification is a major function of Radiasurf® nonionic surfactant esters. Surfactants with an HLB between 1 and 6 will favor water-in-oil emulsions, surfactants with an HLB between 6 and 17 will favor oil-in-water emulsions. Combinations of different surfactants often offer a synergetic effect.



Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarkssort descending
Radiasurf 7901
film type for PVC dosage: 0.2% - 0.3%, foam type,... Glycerol monostearate Application: Lubricant & mold release agent...
Radiasurf 7444
O/W, defoamer PEG600 dioleate HLB = 10, liquid
Radiasurf 7357
O/W Ethoxylated trioleate (20EO) HLB = 11, liquid
Radiasurf 7473
O/W PEG400 monostearate HLB = 11, paste
Radiasurf 7404
O/W PEG600 monooleate HLB = 13, liquid
Radiasurf 7414
O/W, defoamer PEG600 monostearate HLB = 13, paste
Radiasurf 7157
O/W, defoamer Ethoxylated sorbitan monooleate (20EO) HLB = 15, liquid
Radiasurf 7147
O/W, defoamer Ethoxylated sorbitan monostearate (20EO) HLB = 15, paste
Radiasurf 7137
O/W Ethoxylated sorbitan monolaurate (20EO) HLB = 17, liquid
Radiasurf 7201
W/O, defoamer Propylene glycol monostearate HLB = 2, flakes/powder