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Metalworking Fluids

Oleon's Radia® fatty esters of methanol, propanol, butanol, octanol, etc., meet the most stringent requirements of the lubricants industry. They are lubricity improvers for steel, copper and aluminum rolling, and they are widely used in neat oils and in emulsions for cutting, grinding and drilling operations.There is a growing interest in the use of esters for metalworking lubricants because of their high performing lubricating properties. Depending on the application (rolling, cutting, drawing, canning,...), wheter it is for neat oils and/or for (semi-) synthetic waterbased metalworking fluids, Oleon has a complete range of esters (of which you find below an extract of the most used products), both low-as high-viscous, with different flash and pour points to be in line with your specific requirements. 

For specific applications with high process temperatures where "no-staining" is a must, such as aluminum rolling, we kindly refer to the esters marked with high oxidation stability. For applications with incidental food contact please ask your reference person for information about our range of food grade lubricants with NSF HX-1 certification. 


Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarkssort descending
Radiasurf 7140
. Glycerol monostearate 45% Flakes, powder
Radia 7983
. Methyl caprylate/caprate Liquid
Radia 7118
. Methyl laurate Liquid
Radiacid 7961
. Rapeseed methyl esters Liquid
Radia 7120
. Methyl palmitate Liquid
Radia 7063
. Tallow methyl esters Liquid
Radia 7060
. Methyl oleate Liquid
Radia 7192
. Isopropyl laurate Liquid
Radia 7191
. Isopropyl myristate Liquid
Radia 7730
. Isopropyl myristate (deodorized) Liquid