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Oleon’s facility in Port Klang (Malaysia) has produced 6.500 liter of hand sanitizer to give away to the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the Fire & Rescue Department. Both organizations will further distribute the product throughout Malaysia to supply health care organizations in need. Oleon employees are again proud to make a contribution in these difficult times.

After some adjustments in our production processes, we are able to produce hand sanitizer based on our own raw materials. Oleon has produced 20.000 liter to give to hospitals & healthcare institutions for free in order to fight Covid-19 together. Doing your part is essential in a crisis like this. Oleon employees are proud doing good in difficult times like this.

Oleon’s production facility in Compiègne has obtained a great result on the French Gender Equality Index (article D.1142-4 of the French Labor Code). Their result for 2019 was no less than 98%!

This result emphasizes Oleon’s commitment not to make any distinction, exclusion or preference based on gender.