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2010 Collaboration In Green Chemistry

Oleon initiated a plan for a new manufacturing plant for producing bio propylene glycol (PG) from glycerin in Ertvelde, Belgium. The plant is the first of its type worldwide, leveraging a highly sustainable production process developed and licensed by BASF and jointly realized with Oleon.  

2008 Marching to Far East

Construction of new Fatty Acids plant in Ertvelde to assure the market leader position in Europe
Oleon made the bold step to venture to Far East market by tapping in the fast growing palm oil industry. An investment was made to build a new ester plant in Malaysia

2009 Integrated into Sofiprotéol

Oleon is taken-over by Diester Industrie of 100 % of the shares to become a subsidiary of the Sofiprotéol group, Europe's reference for vegetable oil with activities in food, feed, biofuels and oleochemistry.

2006 Expanded to Germany

Oleon nv acquires the Akzo Nobel European Oleochemicals operation at Emmerich, Germany. The fatty acid production is closed at the Sandefjord site. Oleon nv builds at the Ertvelde site the first dedicated biodiesel plant in Belgium.

2001 Moving North

Oleon took over Hydro Oleochemicals (HOC, one of the most important producers of oleochemical products in Scandinavia) from the Norwegian group Norsk Hydro and located in Sandefjord. The name was changed to Oleon Scandinavia AS.

1999-2000 Fusion

Total and PetroFina joined together to form TotalFina. TotalFina and Elf Aquitaine merged to become TotalFinaElf

2000 Birth of Oleon

At the end of November 2000 TotalFinaElf decided to sell Fina Oleochemicals as part of their plan to concentrate on their core competencies. The company was taken over by a consortium of investors under the leadership of Ackermans & van Haaren and members such as KBC Invest, Mercator & Noordstar, Fortis Private Equity, NIB Capital Bank, Jan De Clerck and the management. Fina Oleochemicals became Oleon.

1991 Thorough reorganization

The company was dynamic and therefore changing at a fast pace. The registered office of Synfina-Oleofina, previously in Brussels, moved to Ertvelde, and the Sales and Marketing of the products was entrusted to Fina Chemicals.

1992 Name change

Synfina-Oleofina nv became Oleofina nv.  

1996 Another new name

In 1996 the name Oleofina nv changed to Fina Oleochemicals nv