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Natural Applications
Radia® and Nourypol oleochemicals are used for their functional properties such as chemical reactivity, lubricating action, stabilisation of emulsions, etc. The industry also places the highest value on the fact that most oleochemicals are completely non-toxic and do not cause skin nor eye irritation. In an environmentally-aware society, both the industry and lawmakers increasingly appreciate the ecological safety of nearly all oleochemicals.
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Radia® and Nourypol oleochemicals are used in all industrial sectors. Often, such as for the production of soaps, candles, synthetic lubricants and resins, oleochemicals form the base raw material. In many other applications, such as for lubricants, cosmetics and food products, they are used as additives enhancing the properties of the end product. In some processes, such as the de-inking of old paper, the production of plastic objects, the extraction of minerals or oil drilling,oleochemicals are auxiliary raw materials for production.

You can find Radia® and Nourypol oleochemicals in


Cosmetics Skin-friendly products for various creams, raw materials for non-irritating shampoos, lipstick, toothpaste
Pharmaceuticals Nutrient media for the biochemical production of antibiotics
Food Bread enhancers, ‘light products’, cheese and sausage casings, margarine
Paint and varnish Raw materials for the production of resins
Plastics Polymerisation auxiliaries, plastic processing
Lubricants Biodegradable base oils for environmentally-friendly synthetic lubricants, performance enhancing additives
Road construction Preliminary treatment of bitumen for asphalt roads
Agriculture and horticulture Anti-caking agents for fertilisers
Leather and textiles Nutrient oils for leather, lubricants for the spinning of fibres
Oil field drilling Biodegradable drilling fluids for the production of crude oil
Mining Industry Additives for the extraction of vanadium, cobalt, quartz
Detergents Wash-active products for environmentally-friendly detergents, oil spill cleaning agents
Soap Base raw materials for the production of soap
Candles Basic wax for the production of candles
Paper De-inking of old paper


These are just a few examples of the wide application fields using oleochemicals in one or multiple steps of its processes. Progressively, new applications are being developed together with OLEON‘S customers in our R&D facilities in Europe and Malaysia.

This is how we are investing in your future and ours!