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Engine Oils
Synthetic polyol esters are an essential ingredient of many high performance fully synthetic engine oils because of the inherently high viscosity indexes and extremely low pour points, enabling them to operate over very broad temperature ranges, the outstanding lubricating performance, high load carrying ability and excellent solubility towards additives. Oleon has a complete line of suitable (co-) base oils compatible with Group I, Group II, Group III and PAO base stocks. The past 20 years, the automotive industry has been dominated by the search for ever improving fuel economy. In line with this general trend, the specifications for engine oils moved towards lower viscosity base oils. Oleon offers a wide range of low viscous base oils to meet these future requirements. Oleon’s low viscous base oils can combine fuel economy benefits while offering low Noack volatility and improved oxidation stability for increased drain intervals. Next to base oils and co-base oils, Oleon offers a wide range of friction modifiers for engine oil formulations. The organic friction modifiers are most effective in the boundary lubrication regime.
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