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Inverted Oil Based Systems
Inverted Oil Based Systems

Oleon is a manufacturer and distributor of a range of base oils and additives for invert emulsion systems. Based on ester chemistry, they combine premium performance and environmental friendliness meeting the most stringent environmental requirements.

Base fluids

  • Radiagreen BDMF LV : Low viscosity Ester base oil
  • Radiagreen BDMF VLV : Very low viscosity Ester base oil


  • Radiagreen EMUL : Primary emulsifier for synthetic and oil based inverted emulsions fluids
  • E-24 : Emulsifier for direct emulsions

Rheology modifier

  • EMS 6+ : Rheology modifier for inverted oil and synthetic based emulsions systems.


  • Drilling Lube : Lubricant for oil based mud systems.


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