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Water Based Drilling Fluids Additives
Water Based Drilling Fluids Additives

The rising concern about the negative impact on the environment by offshore drilling operations initiated the development of new environmental friendly products in the 1980’s. Our range of water based drilling chemicals is specially designed to meet this new stringent requirement where the products are derived from natural and renewable resources. Combined high performance and environmental friendliness, Oleon’s below products range is the best choice to reduce friction and wear resulting in high drilling rates and extended tool life in the most challenging circumstances.


  • Radiagreen EBL : Ester Based Lubricant for WBM.
  • Radiagreen EME Salt : Ester lubricant for high salinity system and brines.
  • Radiagreen SL : Lubricant for Silicate and high pH fluids.
  • Radiagreen EBO : Multi purpose lubricant


  • Q-Drill : Anti-accretion agent and cleaner

Shale Inhibitor

  • Radia 7839 : Polyglycol shale inhibitor (no cloud point)


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