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ESDW, our commitment towards the UN SDGs: Affordable & Clean energy and Climate Action

In partnership with E.ON, Oleon invested in a new cogeneration plant in Ertvelde (BE) to anticipate its future energy requirements. The gas turbine powers the entire Oleon production plant and supports grid stability with the injection of electricity. The cogeneration plant can produce all necessary heat in the form of high pressure steam for all the production installations. By replacing its older conventional boilers with a state-of-the-art cogeneration plant, Oleon will realize primary energy savings. Although the cogeneration plant was not yet fully operational in 2018, we already achieved a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 17,285 MT. This is comparable to the energy use of over 2,000 households for one year.  The cogeneration plant has also been able to cut our NOx emissions by half.