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Oleon and its business partners renewed their commitment to the underprivileged community in Malaysia

After two successful builds in 2015 and 2016, Oleon and its business partners have chosen to get involved in another homebuilding project with EPIC Homes this year. EPIC which stands for “Extraordinary People Impacting Community” is a non-profit initiative lead by a social organisation which its purpose is to improve the lives of local natives (Orang Asli) in Malaysia.

This July, Oleon took the bold step to raise their contribution by building two homes alongside their business partners; Oleon believes partnership goes beyond business, but also in serving the community. For this build, Oleon managed to gather its associates from local and overseas, also students from an international Malaysian high school (Sri KDU) to join in the homebuilding project. In this joint effort, more than 70 builders and 12 trained build specialists from Epic Homes participated in the building homes for 2 local native families: Suraya and Fadhil, as well as Fahzulin and Jamilah.

Mixed teams consisting of corporate professionals, high school students, teachers and community members worked together regardless of age, gender and racial background to build two houses. This collaboration enabled the possibility for the students to gauge their communication skills with the guidance of experienced corporate professionals and teachers, while achieving common goals together; betterment of the indigenous community in Malaysia. By contributing to the society at such young age, these youths will be at the forefront of our future society with their rapid and profound growth transformation. Preeminently, the linkage between both rural and urban communities has been enhanced with deep bonding and understanding of one another. After a 3-day build, the 2 families received each homes that consist of a foyer, a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms and a ceiling storage from the sponsors.


News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Pic1.jpg

Structural work completed: The structure of the house is ready for the rest of the build works (wall, floor & roof) to begin

News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Pic2.jpg

Flooring installation: Epic builders placing and nailing wooden planks for the flooring


News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Pic3.jpg

Teaming up: Greatest takeaway is the ability to work together toward a common goal

News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Pic4.jpg

Sweating for a good cause: Builders withstanding the scorching heat to provide shelter


News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Completed Site 1.jpg

New beginning: This newly completed house (EH119) enables the Orang Asli family to live in proper housing conditions

News_20180725_Oleon EPIC_Completed Site 2.jpg

Completed house of EH120

News_20180725_Oleon EPIC Group Photo.jpg

Partnership beyond business

A joint effort by more than 70 builders from corporations & school, also 12 trained build specialists from Epic Homes completed 2 houses in 3 days


Curious to see the entire process? Watch the video below!