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Oleon awarded with Gold medal by EcoVadis for CSR efforts

For 2 consecutive years, Oleon has been awarded a Gold medal by EcoVadis in recognition of our Corporate Social Responsibility achievement. EcoVadis is an international rating agency specialized in assessing the performance of companies on several sustainability topics, such as corporate governance, environment, fair trade, human rights, sustainable procurement and working conditions. The EcoVadis methodology is based on international sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000. More and more, our customers want to know how Oleon is performing regarding CSR. Customers who are a member of EcoVadis have access to our score and can use this as a purchasing criterium.


Compared to the previous year, our main improvements took place in the categories “Environment” and “Sustainable procurement”, such as the implementation of co-generation plants in Emmerich and Ertvelde, the reporting on CO2 and air emissions, the establishment of a Supplier Code of Conduct and the launch of a Sustainable Palm policy. The latter two points being key components of the Avril Group CSR strategy. Improvements were also made in the other categories. In respect to “Labor & human rights”, Oleon implemented a whistleblower procedure on discrimination and harassment issues. For “Ethics”, we have improved our policies on business ethics issues. In 2017, the Avril Group signed the United Nations Global Compact which had an overall positive effect on our EcoVadis assessment.

With a score of 70/100, Oleon achieved an improvement of 27 points since our first assessment in 2013. Oleon is in the top 1% regarding sustainable procurement, top 2% for the environment and top 5% for labor and human rights. Overall, we are in the top 1% of all companies rated by EcoVadis.


We are continuously working on improving our CSR approach, and thus our EcoVadis score. Oleon’s EcoVadis assessment report indicated certain improvement areas, mainly the level of reporting. Currently, Oleon has basic reporting on environmental, labor practices, human rights and sustainable procurement issues and no reporting on business ethics issues. Our documentation on e.g. anti-corruption, bribery and information security is only available at the Avril Group level. Since we are already working on translating and implementing these documents at Oleon level, we expect our EcoVadis score to rise again in 2019.


We are gradually carrying out our CSR policy and putting theory into practice. More information on our CSR journey can be found in our CSR Progress report 2017. This report can be found on the Oleon website under “Sustainable Development”.