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SymLite® G8: A cooperation between Oleon & Symrise

At InCosmetics, Symrise presented its new product Symlite® G8, a naturally derived multifunctional ingredient for cosmetics that naturally enhances the skin caring effect of cosmetic products while improving their shelf life. The product was created in collaboration with Oleon and contains Glyceryl Caprylate, made from renewable raw materials, has three benefits: it acts as a co-emulsifier, enhances the product protection system and strengthens the skin barrier.

Eder Ramos, President Cosmetic Ingredients Division, about the cooperation with Oleon: ‘We are excited to partner with Oleon, one of the leading producers of oleochemicals, to bring SymLite® G8 to the cosmetic market. Sebastien Busschaert, Global Business Manager Life Sciences at Oleon adds: “This cooperation fits perfectly with Oleon’s strategy to produce natural oleochemical solutions for a dynamic personal care market. We look forward to combining our production expertise with Symrise’s know-how in modern product protection as well as their global presence in the market of cosmetic ingredients.”

“Consumers expect their cosmetic products to be made from sustainable raw materials produced in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner. At the same time, they should provide more benefits,” said Symrise’s Yohanna Sander, Senior Global Product Manager Product Protection.“ This cooperation will truly bring the best of both worlds; Oleon’s green chemistry and Symrise’s know-how. The result is an innovative and green product.