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Oleon Innovation is Oleon's Research & Development centre for oleochemistry. This global R&D organization is enabling Oleon to adapt to geographical differences in market requirements besides designing and developing new breakthrough renewable products based on vegetable oils and fats.
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Oleon leads the European oleochemistry market with a joint capacity of over 500 000 metric tons of renewable products (fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters, glycerol, etc…). Moving foward, Oleon aims to develop a wide range of renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic products using vegetable oils and animal fats. This helps Oleon in offering industrial companies and end users solutions that combine technological performance and respect for the environment. Currently, Oleon Innovation employs over 80 scientists in laboratories located in France, Belgium, Germany and Malaysia.

Innovation allowed Oleon to develop the first aqueous paint made with vegetable oils, a range of 100% vegetable lubricants with ECOlabel, non VOC solvents, green polyols for poly urethanes foams, renewable food ingredients, etc.