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Lauric Fatty Acids
Coco and palm kernel oil based fatty acids contain fatty acids in the range of C6 to C18 with little to no unsaturation. Coco and palm kernel based fatty acids can be offered as distilled, hydrogenated and fractionated fatty acids. Distilled 818 (C8 to C18 fatty acid) or topped 1218 (C12 to C18 fatty acid) saturated (hydrogenation) or unsaturated fatty acids find their main application as raw material in the surfactant, soap, detergent and coating resin industry.
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Product Name Descriptionsort descending Chemical Name Remarks
Radiacid® 0625
Distilled coco oil fatty acid Lauric fatty acid C8-C18 fatty acid
Radiacid® 0600
Topped coco oil fatty acid Lauric fatty acid C12-C18 fatty acid