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Jari Heeze - Process Operator

Jari Heeze
Process Operator
Field of study: 
Chemical Process Techniques

Why did you initially choose to work for Oleon?

Several factors influenced my choice. Shift working and easy accessibility amongst others. In addition, I also find it a plus that Oleon works with natural raw materials, namely vegetable oils and animal fats. 

How long have you been working at Oleon?

I have been with Oleon since 2014.

What are some of the job duties of Process Operator at Oleon?

We have a safety function and ensure that the processes run smoothly. For example, we constantly read the parameters and adjust them if necessary. We monitor the various steps and the progress in the process and intervene if necessary. We also regularly take samples.

What does your average day look like?

The nice thing about our job is that there is actually no average day. We work in shifts (early, late and night) which means there is a lot of variety. In addition, you never know in advance where we will have to intervene, so we always stay alert.

Do you feel that your specialisation is well-aligned to this job?

First I trained as a chef, a completely different direction actually. But via a seventh year of chemical process techniques, I was able to retrain myself and master the basics, so that I could start work immediately.

What does working at Oleon mean for you personally?

Oleon is first and foremost my job, my merit. Yet, it is also a place where I spend a lot of time together with the many colleagues and where I feel at home. 

What are the benefits of working at Oleon?

There are a lot of advantages but this is personal to everyone. For example, I like that we get a nice salary, that we can eat at work for a very reasonable price, and that we have a flexible leave system.

What are the benefits of the Process Operator role?

Working in a team is really an added value. You are not alone and can always count on each other. 

What challenges does your job present?

Working in shifts is not for everyone. It remains a challenge to switch between the shifts. In addition, I want to continue to grow and innovate like Oleon does.