A natural chemistry with all our stakeholders

At Oleon, we believe that a natural chemistry entails much more than just the production of our natural chemicals. That is why we attach great importance to all the people who matter to us. We invest in our employees, commit to long-term relationships with our clients, communicate openly with our suppliers and respect our neighbors.

We believe that all these factors contribute to a natural chemistry with all our stakeholders, including the wider community in which we do business.

An international sustainable partner

Renewable raw materials
Close to our customers
Sustainable solutions
Worldwide presence

We as a company are driven by customer intimacy and sustainability. We can only thrive by building long-lasting relationships with all our partners. That's what Oleon's natural chemistry is all about. 

-Moussa Naciri - CEO Oleon

Have you experienced our natural chemistry yet? 

The answer will probably be yes, because if you have a good look around, you might be surprised to see that Oleon’s natural chemistry is everywhere: from the toothpaste you use in the morning, to the loaf of bread you eat during lunch, to the tires of your car, to the ink on your paper and candles you light up at night.

We offer our oleochemical building blocks and specialized fatty acid esters in a large variety of markets such as: Crop protection, Cosmetics, Industrial Ingredients, Lubricants, Nutrition, Oilfield, Coatings, Detergents and many more. Generally, oleochemicals are used in a wide range of industries as raw materials, ingredients or additives enhancing the properties of the end product. These oleochemicals are used for their functional properties such as chemical reactivity, lubricity, stabilization of emulsions, etc.

Our end products are generally delivered to the customer either in liquid form in drums, tankers or ships, or in solid form as powder or flakes in bags.

All products made by Oleon start from renewable raw materials. These vary from rapeseed oil, to sunflower oil, to palm kernel oil, to animals fats and many more. Oleon’s raw materials are split up into their basic components which, after conversion or purification, are recombined with each other, or with other molecules. Fats and oils are one of nature’s most important molecules consisting of glycerine and three fatty acid chains.

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