At Oleon, we place our customer at the center of our business. We want to partner with them for the long term. In order to do this, we make sure we understand their needs, markets and end applications. This approach will enable us to provide the best and most suitable service for each customer.

Sustainability is part of our DNA, and we want to further leverage innovation as a driver for sustainable solutions. When choosing raw materials, we always put a strong focus on renewable and traceable raw materials. Furthermore, we want to partner up with our customers and help them transition to a more green future together. In our choices for the future, we will act to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as climate action, protection of land and water, reducing inequalities, good work conditions etc…

Oleon is a global company with a strong European base, and we want to use this strong base to further expand in other areas of the world. Moreover, we want to capture market growth in certain emerging countries and in well-selected application segments.

All the above is only possible if we remain safe and competitive. We wish to maintain a strong safety and housekeeping culture for our people and equipment and continue to focus on continuously improving our processes. A Quality centric organization will help us to keep our customers happy.


Part of Avril

We are proud to be part of Avril. Avril's investments and acquisitions have made it a major agri-food group in France today.

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At Oleon, we believe that a natural chemistry entails much more than just the production of our natural chemicals.

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