The name Avril is evocative of spring returning each year, the rhythms of nature and particularly the flowering of rapeseed. Originally called Sofiprotéol, it was founded in 1983 by the oils and proteins sector to guarantee the sustainability of its outlets. True to its mission, the Group has continued to establish a bond of trust that connects all actors in the sector.

Avril stands out for its unique and committed business model: the Group reinvests all its results in the development of the sector.

Originally conceived to provide outlets for the oil and protein industry, the Group was built on an organization in which each business creates value for all the links in the chain and their players, wherever it is established.

To create sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors thus contributing to better food for human and preservation of the planet.


To create sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors, and thus contribute to better food for people and preservation of the Planet.


Since its creation at the initiative of the agricultural world, Avril has been working for the development of the vegetable oil and protein sector. The Group’s strategy serves this mission: by reinvesting its results in the sector, Avril creates value for all players from upstream to downstream.

Avril’s strategy is twofold: economic and financial performance, and a sustainable development approach. Avril’s progress in achieving its CSR ambitions is measured each year using the SPRING indicator, structured around 5 pillars and 25 key objectives.


In line with the priorities of the Avril 2023 strategic plan, the Group has chosen to accelerate its development and strengthen its positions on markets linked to its historic areas of know-how. Its new ambition, announced in 2021, is to become the leader in plant processing solutions for the food, agricultural and environmental transitions, and its purpose is: Serving the Earth.

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