General base brochure

Oleochemicals are used for their functional properties such as chemical reactivity, lubricity, stabilization of emulsions, etc. The industry also attaches great value to the fact that most oleochemicals are completely non-toxic and safe.

Humectants brochure

With the help of Oleon’s process converting glycerol to 1,2 -propanediol, the industries will be able to reduce the environmental carbon footprint of their products by substituting standard petrochemical propylene glycol with the renewable version made from vegetable oils.

High purity dimer acids brochure

Oleon’s high purity dimer acids are mainly used as building blocks to modify polyester, polyamide, polycarbonate and epoxy resins. These dicarboxylic structures can also be converted into polyols used in polyurethane resins to benefit from the unique properties that dimer acids provide to coating solutions.

Isostearyl alcohol leaflet

Radianol 1980 is a saturated, liquid and easy spreading fatty alcohol. It is known for its moisturising properties in personal care products and for its very light, silky and soft dry skin feel. Thanks to its excellent thermal and oxidation stability and its good compatibility with other ingredients, isostearyl alcohol is mainly included in blends used as texturing agents and it is also widely used as building block for esters.

Radiastar 1436 - Guerbet Alcohol brochure

A vegetable based multibranched Guerbet alcohol with a unique sensorial skin feel.

Radianol 1990 leaflet

Radianol 1990 for persistent shine and long-lasting emolliency. Radianol 1990 adds water resistance to personal care and cosmetic formulations due to its long carbon chain.

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