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Product portfolio

Our portfolio complies with your specific application needs in skin care, hair care, sun care, men care, and color cosmetics and is divided in two ranges: Radia®, our high-quality fatty acid esters and Jolee®, our specialized natural molecules for honest cosmetics. 

Cold process emulsifiers brochure

Cold processing is a greener production method whereby cosmetic formulations can be obtained at room temperature. This will not only reduce the energy demand but also the required manufacturing time. Oleon has developed two cold process emulsifiers: Jolee 7887 and Jolee 7931.

Multiple emulsions brochure

Creating the WOW factor to your formulations with our emulsifier package for multiple emulsions. A multiple emulsion is a so-called ‘emulsion in an emulsion’ where both oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions exist simultaneously. In search of premium sensory experiences, selecting the right emulsifier becomes incredibly important.

Silicone-like alternatives brochure

Discover more about our range of green alternatives for low viscosity silicones. Our silicone-like emollients are non bioaccumulative, completely biodegradable, and therefore not harmful for the environment. 

Humectants brochure

With the help of process converting glycerol to 1,2 -propanediol, you will be able to reduce the environmental carbon footprint of your products by substituting standard petrochemical propylene glycol with the renewable version made from vegetable oils.

Jelly brochure

Oleon’s Jelly is a rheological modifier that offers an innovative solution to create highly viscous and stable formulations while keeping transparency for all kind of oil based and waterless formulations. It is a ready-to-use system as it is a pre-formulated blend designed to be easily incorporated into cosmetic formulations.

Color cosmetics brochure

At Oleon Health & Beauty we use the colour dispersant properties of our esters to offer high quality products used in eye liners, eye shadows and creams, mascaras, lipsticks and glosses, foundations and concealers, powders and blushes, nail treatments and many more.

Radiastar 1436 - Guerbet Alcohol brochure

Oleon’s Radiastar 1436 is a multi-branched Guerbet alcohol with unique properties. Because of the branched structure, Radiastar 1436 is liquid at room temperature which is an exceptional characteristic for a molecule of C36 carbon chainlength. Together with its unique skinfeel, good oxidation stability and excellent pigment dispersion properties, this product is a superior film-forming emollient for use in a broad range of color cosmetic and personal care formulations.

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