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For the food market, Oleon offers a comprehensive portfolio of vegetable oilbased emulsifiers and high quality medium chain triglycerides.

Chocolate leafet

Chocolate and compounds are complex, dispersed systems of solid ingredients in a continuous fat phase. High-quality chocolate is characterized by a smooth texture and glossy appearance. Discover how our emulsifiers reduce fat bloom and improve the flow properties of chocolate and compounds.

Coffee creamers leaflet

The coffee creamer’s ability to withstand the combination of heat, acid and water is crucial to prevent feathering. Feathering is the coagulation of fat on the surface of the coffee and results in an unpleasant appearance. A good emulsion stability of the liquid creamers is required to ensure a long shelf-life of the product. For powdered coffee creamers, a quick & smooth dispersion in coffee is expected.

Donut leaflet

The consistency and handling properties of the dough are critical to enable proper donut shaping and conveyor transport. Next to this production challenge, the fried donut is expected to have a soft and light texture during its complete shelf life.

Ice cream leaflet

Texture is a critical parameter of ice cream quality: it should be creamy and soft but may not melt too fast. Next to this, striving for an optimal overrun is key.

Muffin leaflet

Although muffins are often believed to be a healthier snack option, the industry continues to strive for further reduction of sugar and fat levels in baked goods. The volatility of ingredient pricing and availability is a trigger for reformulation and cost optimization while maintaining the same quality.

Plant-based drinks leaflet

Plant-based drinks are oil-in-water emulsions which are intrinsically unstable. The drink has a high tendency to separate in a cream and serum layer because of the poor emulsifying properties of the plant proteins. Additional stabilization is required to prolong the shelf life.

Medium Chain Triglycerides leaflet

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are triglycerides with unique properties. They are more stable compared to Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs), are odor- and tasteless, and have broad solubilizing capabilities. Even more interesting is the different metabolic pathway MCTs follow compared to LCTs, yielding health benefits. This makes MCTs an excellent choice for special nutrition, including infant, sports and elderly nutrition.

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