Polymers & tyres

Antistatic additives

We have developed a new high performing antistatic additive produced from renewable raw materials. This additive shows an antistatic activity which can be used in various film applications especially when a long-term effect is required. It also can be considered as an alternative to ethoxylated fatty amines.

Coating additives for expandable polystyrene

Originally, expandable polystyrene (EPS) found its application in building construction due to its thermal insulation. Today, this industry takes the largest share of EPS usage. A smaller but significant share ends up in the manufacturing of food packaging and protective packaging for electronics. 

Lubricant & mold release agent for engineered plastics

Engineered plastics are often found in many of our daily products. Being significantly stronger and lighter, the demand for engineered plastics has increased drastically compared to conventional materials like metal, wood, glass and polyolefins. During the compounding or injection molding step of these engineered plastics, additives like lubricant or mold release agent are added to lower the torque on the extruder to demold the final product.

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