Polyurethanes systems

Polyester Polyols for a sustainable automotive industry

Polyesters have a high capacity for sliding abrasion (scraping & rubbing). They are ideal building blocks for applications like scraper blades and chute liners. Discover in our brochure why you need to choose a polyester for your polyurethane. 

Polyester Polyols – Sustainable urethanes to reduce your carbon footprint

Aligned with the vision of Oleon to be the preferred global supplier of sustainable oleochemicals, the polyester polyol product line was especially developed to enable the urethane industry to reduce the product carbon footprint without compromising the performance. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to calculate the environmental impact of a specific product or process. The complete life cycle starts by looking at the raw materials and following the process, including the ‘end-of-life’ of the product.

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