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1. Operate Boiler, Waste Water Treatment Plant and RO plant with efficient, safe and environmental friendly manner.

2. Prepare chemicals for boiler, cooling towers, Monitoring Nitrogen consumption, potable tank level, air compressors and take utility readings,

3. Monitor related chemical inventory.

4. Monitor Fire Hydrant system and incoming Syabas water supply.

5. Clean filter press cloth depend on filtering efficiency.

6. Perform loading activity of pitch oil to pitch tanker.

7. Perform housekeeping in Boiler house and waste water treatment plant.

8. To perform cleaning work for chemical treatment tanks, EQ tank , Aeration tank , Sludge tank & Final discharge tank (during shutdown)

9. Perform additional tasks as and when needed/requested by superiors.

10. Perform confined space and gas testing task when requested.


1. SPM, experience in Boiler operation with Grade 1 or Grade 2 competency with relevant experience.

2. A hands-on Malaysian citizen or relevant residence status

3. Driving knowledge a fork lift is an asset