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Process Engineer

1. Responsible for troubleshooting the process to identify quality and/or efficiency problems based on operational reports and in continuous dialog with the production department.

2. Responsible for commissioning and start-up of new/upgrading project for new process system or plant.

3. Provide technical assistant/support to operation department on plant/operation related Issue (Failure/under performance of plant equipment , contamination issue, material blending and etc)

4. To define and continuously search for process procedures and recipes that allows the cost efficient production of high quality products.

5. Work closely with R&D team on introduction of new products in lab scale to ensure all information has been gathered before industrial trial.

6. To actively involve and take lead in every industrial trial of new product introduction

7. Responsible for the processes with respect to the utilities (steam, condensate, water, plant air, inert gas, etc.).

8. To ensure all processes consider the safe operation of the plant according to the safety regulations specified within the Oleon group.

9. To ensure all processes consider the environment and to reduce the environmental impact of the production process.

10. Responsible for maintaining and update process recipes, protocol and procedure to have cost efficient recipes and protocol.

11. Responsible for Energy Saving Project/Programmed

12. To search for continuous improvement in the production process and to propose investments to achieve continuous improvement goals (for example, but not limited to , increased capacity, reduced waste, minimizing down-time…).


1. Fluent in English

2. Proven successful experience with at least 5 years in the related field

3. Holding a Bachelor, Professional or a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent

4. Knowledge of SAP and LEAN/SIX SIGMA is an asset