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Why Oleon

Employees are the driving force of our business. Oleon encourages its people to grow by offering them a stimulating working environment, constructive social relations and opportunities for personal development and entrepreneurship, with a view to well-being and retention management. Oleon might be an internationally operating corporation with more than 1000 employees, but it boasts a welcoming family atmosphere that allows everyone to find their place in the organisation.

At Oleon safety is of the utmost importance. We make your safety our number 1 priority and expect others to do the same.

Oleon prizes putting our customers at the center. We collaborate closely with them and actively search for creative and innovative solutions to their challenges. We heavily invest in Research and Development (R&D) for this reason. Investing in innovation not only helps our customers; it also allows us to continue unlocking the potential of our oleochemicals and enables us to innovate; not only in terms of the product and process, but also in all other aspects of our business.

We want sustainability to be at the heart of Oleon. We are committed to maximising the use of sustainable raw materials, reducing the environmental impact of our production processes and striving for far-reaching Corporate Social Responsibility.


Other reasons to join Oleon

Oleon_HR_people (2).png Career Development: Started from basic oleochemicals, we have now stepped into various other industries and are always looking to launch new projects to further diversify our business. In oleon, our employees are encouraged to take on new ventures.

Oleon_Corporate_International_Leader (2).png International Exposure: Our business footprints are ever expanding and now cover different continents. Our employees have the opportunities to travel and gain international exposure working with us.

Oleon_Communication_Good2.png Flexibility: As a fast expanding business, we appreciate flexibility afforded by our employees. In return, our employees are given the flexibility on how they carry out their works.


Oleon's Values

Our values, which we share with our shareholder Avril, are Boldness, Performance and Respect. At Oleon, we organize several initiatives to further shape these values. 


How does the recruitment process work?

After application, your profile is reviewed by our HR Team. We will provide you with feedback or invite you for interview(s) and/or a screening.


Your first day

On your first day, your colleagues and your supervisor will greet you upon arrival. They will guide you around and will start up the training schedule. You’ll also have a safety training on your first day.