No natural chemistry without our employees

What should you know about us
    • At Oleon safety is of the utmost importance. We make your safety our number one priority and expect others to do the same.
    • Oleon is keen on putting our customers at the center. We partner up with them and actively search for innovative solutions to their challenges.
    • Sustainability is at the heart of Oleon. We are committed to our purpose 'Serving the earth' by making responsible choices in every step of the value chain.
    • Quality is central in all our operations. We push ourselves to set higher standards every time and learn from our mistakes.
    • Oleon is growing rapidly and aims to do so in very sustainable and sensible way.

“Oleon might be an internationally operating corporation with more than 1,000 employees, but it boasts a welcoming family atmosphere that allows everyone to find their place in the organization.”

Tom Loosvelt, Corporate HR Manager


We take full responsibility to preserve our planet with clear common purpose: 'serving the earth'.

Part of Avril

We are proud to be part of Avril. Avril's investments and acquisitions have made it a major agri-food group in France today.

Our purpose

Serving the Earth with our natural chemistry.

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