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Natural Ingredients
OLEON starts from natural, renewable raw materials: vegetable oils and animal fats. They are extracted from renewable resources from all over the world: sunflower oil from Europe, Eastern Europe and Argentina; beef fat from Europe and South America; soy oil from the Americas; palm, palm kernel and coconut from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines; rapeseed oil from Europe and Canada.
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Overseas oils and fats are delivered by ship, via ports which are well equipped for storage and for trans-shipment to flat-bottomed barges which bring their cargo to the doorstep of OLEON’S plants. Continental European animal fats generally reach OLEON’S European plants by tanker. European soy, rapeseed and sunflower oils are transported by barge.

Since the raw materials are natural products, nature herself ensures biodegradability of all of OLEON’S natural chemicals.