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Chemical Synthesis

Oleon’s Radiacid® fatty acids are widely used as building block in the chemical industry.

These fatty acids are used for the production of fatty amines, esters, metallic stearates, alkyl ketene dimers, esterquats, dimers and others. Each market has its special product requirements, e.g. color stability, chain length, titer, iodine value, pour point for which Oleon can offer tailored made solutions.

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radiacid 0152
. Rapeseed based stearic acid Application: alkyl keten dimer synthesis
Radiacid 0166
. Distilled rapeseed fatty acids Application: dimer synthesis
Radiacid 0212
. Oleic acid Application: Oleic acid based esters
Radiacid 0403
. Distilled mixed fatty acids Application: fatty amine synthesis
Radiacid 0411
. Tallow Stearic acid Application: Metallic stearates
Radiacid 0431
. Distilled mixed fatty acids Application: esterquats
Radiacid 0464
. Palm Stearic acid Application: Metal stearates