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Cast Resins

Oleons building blocks and intermediates cover the polyurethane and phenolic based cast resins industry to provide performances off the beaten track.

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Nourypol 200
Epoxidized soybean oil based polyol Polyol Flooring and sealant
Radia 7294
Vegetable oil based polyester polyol Polyol Flexible, hydrophobic and liquid polyols
Radia 7662
Polyester Polyol Polyol Flexible, hydrophobic and liquid polyols
Radiacid 0994
Hydrogenated High Putity C44-Dimer Acid Fatty acids, C22-unsaturated, dimers, hydrogenated, distilled High energy absorption
Radiacid 7081
Castor oil methyl ester  Methyl ricinoleate Non-VOC reactive diluent
Radianol 1990
Dimer Diol Fatty acids, C18-unsatd., dimers, di-Me esters, hydrogenated High energy absorption