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Industrial Use

Typical cleaning agents in the metal cleaning sector are mainly petrochemicals of fossil origin. Estimated to account for more than 1/10 of total demand, these petrochemical solvents contributes significantly to total VOC emissions. Ester solvents are environmental friendly and safe alternatives. Moreover due to their high efficiency and low evaporation rate the use of Radia esters is also cost effective.

Offset Ink

Vegetable oil esters are excellent alternatives for mineral distillates in offset printing. Radia ester solvents comply with the most recent legislation regarding food contact materials (Swiss Ordinance and EU 10/2011) and are therefore the solvents of choice for the formulation of offset printing inks for food contact. They improve pigment wetting which results in stronger color intensities, and higher molecular weight esters with low viscosity allow the formulation of low migration inks.



Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radia 7040
Non VOC solvent N-butyl oleate Liquid
Radia 7060
Non VOC solvent Methyl Oleate Liquid
Radia 7063
Non VOC solvent Tallow Methyl Ester Liquid
Radia 7064
Non VOC solvent Methyl Soyate Liquid
Radia 7070
Non VOC solvent Sunflower Methyl Ester Liquid
Radia 7108
Non VOC solvent Glycerol Tri-Caprate/Caprylate Liquid
Radia 7117
Non VOC solvent Methyl Cocoate Liquid
Radia 7118
Non VOC solvent Methyl Laurate Liquid
Radia 7126
Non VOC solvent 2-EthylHexyl Caprate/Caprylate Liquid
Radia 7127
Non VOC solvent 2-EthylHexyl Laurate Liquid