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Food Grade Lubricants
Oleon offers a comprehensive range of ester base oils in compliance with the requirements of NSF and the US Departement of Agriculture (USDA) for incidental food contact. These high-performance esters are recommended ingredients for lubricants in food & feed processing, beverage and pharmaceutical applications for the improvement of productivity, food safety, quality and sustainability.
Lubricant formulators can select an ester base oil in the viscosity range of ISO VG 15 to ISO VG 320, depending on the requirements of the application. The NSF HX-1 registered RADIALUBE esters can be applied in:
  • Hydraulic fluids,
  • High temperature chain lubricants,
  • Greases,
  • Gear oils,
  • Metalworking fluids.
Selecting the right Oleon NSF HX-1 base oil will bring you the following benefits
  • Easy NSF H1 registration of your end formulation
  • Improved safety of the end product
  • Finished lubricant with excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • High solubility resulting in very good compatibility with different HX-1 additive packages
  • Globally registered products