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Textile Auxiliaries

Fatty esters are among the main components of textile auxiliaries. They are used as coning oil (lubrication), emulsifier, secondary softener and antistatic agentFatty esters show excellent lubricating properties thanks to their long aliphatic hydrocarbon chains. These esters are predominantly oil soluble, although dispersible in water. 

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radia 7060
Unsaturated Methyl oleate Liquid
Radia 7122
Unsaturated 2-Ethylhexyl cocoate Liquid
Radia 7127
Saturated 2-Ethylhexyl laurate Liquid
Radia 7128
Unsaturated 2-Ethylhexyl cocoate Liquid
Radia 7129
Saturated 2-Ethylhexyl palmitate Liquid
Radia 7131
Saturated 2-Ethylhexyl stearate Liquid
Radia 7178
Saturated Pentaerythritol tetracaprylate/caprate Liquid
Radia 7208
Saturated Propyleneglycol dicaprylate/caprate Liquid
Radia 7233
Unsaturated Isobutyl tallow esters Liquid
Radia 7241
Saturated Isobutyl stearate Liquid