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Oleochemical products can offer solutions to animal nutrition in the field of processing, improving digestibility, easy digestible energy sources and antimicrobial activity.

  • Antimicrobial agent

Short and medium chain monoglycerides disturb the integrity of microbial cell structures and possess therefore antimicrobial properties.

  • Energy source

Due to their shorter chain length compared to standard fats, medium chain triglycerides are rapidly digested and metabolized leading to increased energy levels. (Mono)propylene glycol and glycerine work as humectant in attracting water. It helps to keep animal feed moist, fresh and chewy – and thus easier for animals to digest. For cattle and poultry, (mono)propylene glycol and glycerine in the feed are also a readily-available source of energy.

  • Processing aid

Improving pelleting and extrusion quality and output by improved emulsifying and dispersion of ingredients and interaction with starch.

  • Digestive aid

​By forming homogenous mixture of oil, water and other ingredients, emulsifiers can improve fat digestion and absorption by reducing the size and therefore increasing the surface area of the present oil droplets.


Take a look at our Radiamuls portfolio including Mono- and diglycerides, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), SSL and Sorbitol based esters.

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radiamuls MCT 2107V
Energy source, solvent Medium chain triglycerides Animal nutrition
Radiamuls MG 2140V
Antimicrobial agent Glycerol monolaurate Animal nutrition
Radiamuls MG 2440V
Antimicrobial agent Glycerol monolaurate on carrier Animal nutrition
Radiamuls MG 2549V
Antimicrobial agent Glycerol monolaurate Animal nutrition
Radiamuls Sorb 2157V
Emulsifier  Polysorbate 80 Animal nutrition