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Flavors & Fragrances




Radia 7730 are carrier solvents and diluents for fragrances. They have no odor, enabling them to act as an efficient diffuser in fragrance applications.
Radiamuls MCT, with unique physical oil properties, are able to act as an efficient carrier in flavour systems.  They can also be formulated into beverages as a clouding and weighting agent, especially in citrus systems.


Radiamuls Sorb are oil-in-water emulsifiers.  Radiamuls Sorb 2137K, is an emulsifier for oil-in-water systems and an effective solubilizer for essential oils and perfumes in aqueous and aqueous-alcoholic systems.  Radiamuls Sorb 2157K functions as a co-emulsifier oil-in-water and solubilizer.

Ketones and fatty acids

Ketones are widely used in various flavor and fragrance applications.  The odor of the Radia Ketones range from rose and citrus to fresh sweet.  All Radia Ketones are produced on basis of renewable raw materials.  The high product quality is safeguarded by the in-house production of the main raw materials and certified HACCP systems. Short chain fatty acids are part of flavors and fragrances' building blocks.



Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radia 7102K
Carrier/ Solvent Medium chain triglycerides oil Flavour application
Radia 7730
Carrier/ Solvent Isopropyl Myristate Fragrance application
Radia EAKE
flavor and fragrance agents Ethyl amyl ketone Odor description: Sweet, ripe banana odor
Radia MHKE
Flavor and fragrance agents Methyl Heptyl Ketone Odor description: A fresh sweet, weedy, earthy, herbal odor
Radia MNKE
Flavor and fragrance agents Methyl nonyl ketone Odor description: A rose, citrus, orris-like character
Radiacid 0605
Fatty Acid Caproic Acid Flavors & Fragrances
Radiacid 0608
Fatty Acid Caprylic Acid Flavors & Fragrances
Radiacid 0610
Fatty Acid Capric Acid Flavors & Fragrances
Radiamuls MCT 2107K
Carrier / solvent / energy source Medium chain triglycerides Processing Aids & Others - Flavors & Fragrances
Radiamuls MCT 2108K
Carrier / Solvent Medium Chain Triglycerides Processing Aids & Others - Flavors & Fragrances