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Emulsifiers in food can perform a variety of functions, the most important involves the reductions of surface tension in oil-water interface, interactions with starch and protein components and modification of the crystallisation of fats and oils. An emulsion is basically the dispersion of small droplets of one insoluble substance within another (oil in water or water in oil). Emulsions are usually the first type of mixture considered when talking about food emulsifiers. 
In food applications, surfactants exert in variety of specific functions, other effects can be obtained, many of these uses may overlap in any given application. 

Oleon supplies glycerine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, medium chain triglycerides and fatty acid esters as food additives to the various food processing industry. We offer a comprehensive range of emulsifiers, based on natural oils, for a a wide range of applications: bakery, dairy and non-dairy, oil and fats, confectionery etc.




Baked products require several types of surfactants to provide a variety of functions.  Bakery application can be categorised in the following:

  • Cake improvers. Emulsifier can function in various ways to satisfy the numerous properties required in a wide range of cake formulations. The usage level of emulsifiers vary considerably depending on the type of cake.
    Radiamuls® MG, Radiamuls® Poly, Radiamuls® Sorb esters are used.
  • Dough conditioners, crumb softeners for baked goods. Emulsifiers are used in the production of yeast-raised baked goods to aid in production and/or improve certain quality factors.
    Radiamuls® MG, Radiamuls® SL, Radiamuls® Sorb and Radiamuls® Datem esters are used.
  • Prepared mixes.  A range of cold water dispersible emulsifier is available for use in mixes for cakes, muffins, doughnuts, biscuits and bread where rapid constitution and aeration are necessary.  Various carrier-dispersed emulsifier for incorporation into prepared mixes.  Radiamuls® MG, Radiamuls® Poly,
    Radiamuls® SL, Radiamuls® Sorb and Radiamuls® Datem esters are used.
Oils & Fats

Table margarines and low-calorie spreads are emulsion of water and liquid and solid fat blends. Small quantities of monoglycerides are added during the manufacture of the margarine to obtain fine dispersion of the water.  In the production of low-calorie spreads where large volumes of water are involved, Radiamuls® Poly 2253K is often incorporatied into the emulsion, where it acts as an emulsion stabilizer.  Additional of unsaturated monoglycerides from the range of Radiamuls® MG are also recommended.

Margarines and shortenings manufactured for use in bakery applications require emulsifiers to give good creaming properties which are essential for optimum baking performance.  Radiamuls® Citrem are applied to suit specialised application requirements such as antispattering agents in frying margarines.

Dairy & Non Dairy

Many non-dairy products are essentially oil-in-water emulsions which depend upon emulsifiers to achieve satisfactory end-use properties. 
In non-dairy creams, Radiamuls® MG, Radiamuls® ACETEM, Radiamuls® LACTEM are extremely useful in attaining overrun, texture and palatability.  Various blends of emulsifiers can be used to make specialty products such as coffee whiteners, fluid milks and calf milk replacers.  Emulsifiers are useful wetting agents for incorporation in spray-dried milk-based products which are to be reconstituted into liquid form.  Alpha tending emulsifiers such as propylene glycol esters and lactic ester of monoglycerides are extremely useful aerating agent in high fat content instant desserts.


Emulsifiers can modify the properties of sugar confectionery such as toffees and chewing gum.  The presence of Radiamuls® MG reduce stickiness in these products, facilitating their processing and improving their palatability.  Emulsifier can be applied as single component food additives or in combination for the synergist effect to produce the best possible function.

Radiamuls® Poly 2251K & 2253K improves chocolate fluidity needed to produce acceptable and economical compound coatings.  It is also a water-in-oil emulsifier for the production of demolding agents for bakery, pastry, confectionery and other foodstuffs and lubricants for food processing equipment.

Processing Aids & Others

Emulsifiers such as saturated mono- and diglycerides, Radiamuls® MG tend to process exceptionally good lubricating qualities in extruded starch products by lubricating the dies thus giving greater process control. 
Acetylated mono- and diglycerides, Radiamuls® Acetem have pronounced film forming properties.  Radiamuls® Acetem 2050 is used in meat casings and cheese coatings to protect the foodstuff against bacterial attack, dessication and oxidation.
Radiamuls® Citrem additives are also emulsifiers for the meat industry for pates and other meat products and can be a replacement product for lecithin.