Radiagreen© is a top-notch range of products covering almost every segment of the oil and gas industry from seismic exploration to drilling and completion. All Radiagreen© products are derived from natural and renewable resources. They are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable and present absolutely no danger to marine life not to the operating crew.

Drilling & Completion

Backed by years of industry expertise, Oleon stands as a trusted partner for companies seeking top-notch chemical solutions. Our products are engineered to enhance drilling fluid performance, facilitate wellbore stability, reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and mitigate various challenges encountered during drilling and completion. By incorporating our additives into your processes, you're not only optimizing operational efficiency but also embracing advancements that align with environmental considerations.


Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of additives engineered to optimize reservoir permeability, dissolve deposits, mitigate formation damage, and stimulate wellbore output. By incorporating our well stimulation chemicals, you're not only revitalizing production but also embracing advancements that prioritize environmental sustainability. Delve into our extensive selection of well stimulation chemicals, each meticulously formulated to cater to specific reservoir characteristics and operational needs. Whether you're tackling conventional reservoirs or embarking on unconventional shale plays, Oleon offers the ideal solutions to propel your projects forward.


In the realm of oil and gas exploration, preparedness for unforeseen events is crucial. Oil spills can pose significant environmental threats, demanding swift and efficient responses. Oleon offers a comprehensive oil spill dispersant designed to rapidly break down and disperse oil slicks, minimizing ecological harm and promoting effective cleanup.

Our Well.O© product portfolio is an innovative range of additives for drilling fluids, being available in different qualities and blends, customized for the American market.


Oleon provides you a range of cutting-edge chemical additives designed to elevate the drilling of oil and gas wells in the American market. In the dynamic landscape of oil and gas exploration, the drilling phase is the cornerstone of successful well development. Our products are engineered to optimize drilling fluid performance, increase wellbore stability, reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and address various drilling complexities.


In the dynamic world of oil and gas exploration, drilling fluids play a crucial role in maintaining well integrity and facilitating smooth operations. Oleon is offering a secondary emulsifier specially formulated to address the specific challenges and demands of the American oil and gas sector. Our emulsifier is engineered to enhance fluid stability, control viscosity, improve lubricity, and effectively manage drilling fluid properties.

Rheology Modifiers

Based on dimer and trimer technology, Oleon provides a range of rheology modifiers. Our additives are engineered to enhance fluid viscosity, control flow properties, and maintain wellbore stability, all critical factors in achieving successful drilling operations. Our rheology modifiers are formulated to meet the specific demands of the American market, adhering to stringent regulations while providing optimal drilling fluid performance.
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