A renewed Jolee® for a bright future

Oleon Health & Beauty is excited to announce that as of today, December 13th, it is launching its renewed Jolee® brand. While the Jolee® brand came about in 2016, the Oleon Health & Beauty team felt a need to further define it, causing them to shape their strategy behind the brand. The rebranding has resulted in a new tagline: ‘Be honest, be yourself, be Jolee’, a brand new website, new marketing material, but foremost, a renewed approach.

Be honest, be yourself, be Jolee

Why exactly these three words? Business manager Life Sciences, Sebastien Busschaert explains: “We believe in honesty. Our customers can count on our complete transparency about the origin of our raw materials, our product performances and their impact on the environment. Moreover, with our Jolee® brand, we want to emphasize the importance of staying true to yourself. In this day and age, consumers are looking for products that are not only the best fit for them in terms of characteristics when it comes to their personal care needs, but also products that fit their personal beliefs, such as cruelty-free, vegan, or green. We believe that staying true to each individual’s personality is of paramount importance. And lastly, as we want our customers to be part of our story, we invite them to be ‘Jolee’ and work on a greener future together.”

The new tagline builds on four pillars that will further shape the Oleon Health & Beauty team’s daily actions as well as the standards which the Jolee® products must meet. These are:


The most sustainable option


Easy to use

Premium quality & safety


A new tagline for the road ahead

Managing Director Oleon Derivatives Jeroen Dirckx describes the evolution of the Jolee® brand: “The Jolee® range came about in 2016 in response to the demand for more specialty products in our portfolio. Jolee® stood and still stands for high quality molecules, as well as for generating and sharing application test results for specific personal care formulations." Dirckx continues: “Now, 5 years later, we wanted to build on this strong foundation and further define the brand so that our customers know what they get when they choose Jolee®. After some thoughtful consideration, we decided to add this new tagline to our existing logo, as we felt it reflects what we believe in and how we want our future to be like.”

Oleon Health & Beauty's products address the demanding needs of the cosmetics industry. However, Oleon goes beyond simply selling oleochemical products and is determined to develop partnerships with its customers. Thanks to a worldwide specialized sales network, flexible production units, a seasoned R&D team and infinite enthusiasm, the company is able to offer customized products and services. Oleon’s Health & Beauty product portfolio is extensively used in skin and hair care, in sun protection and make-up products and is divided into 2 product lines: Radia®, for high quality esters and Jolee®, for specialized and natural molecules.

To show they practice what they preach, Oleon Health & Beauty is organizing a series of webinars around these four pillars. Go to www.oleonhealthandbeauty.com/news for more info on the webinars.


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