Discover our new Radialube® E.CO2range

At Oleon, our purpose is to Serve the Earth. That is why we continuously push ourselves to develop & improve our product portfolio in terms of sustainability & responsibility towards the planet. This is how Radialube® E.CO2 was born, a new product line that will guarantee the lowest carbon footprint for a given performance. This new addition to our portfolio, will help our customers in their efforts towards reaching their sustainability targets and it will enable them to make better lubricants.

From Cradle-to-Grave or from Cradle-to-Gate

A Life Cycle Assessment or LCA is used to calculate the environmental impact of a specific product or process. A complete life cycle starts by looking at the raw materials and following the complete process including the ‘end-of-life’ of the product. This is called a cradle-to-grave approach and this requires the cooperation of multiple partners to work together and share information. At Oleon we perform cradle-to-gate LCA’s according to ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14067. 

Oleon’s high performance with the lowest CO2 emmissions

By thorough Life Cycle Assessment according to widely accepted industry standards and using the Climate change singe-score method (IPCC 2013 100y), Oleon has assessed the carbon footprint of its Radialube® products. Thanks to this cradle-to-gate analysis we are now able to offer you a base oil for hydraulic applications with reduced CO2 footprint in two viscosity grades ISO VG 46 and ISO VG 68.
• Radialube E.CO2 7553 - ISO VG 46 HEES base oil
• Radialube E.CO2 7559 - ISO VG 68 HEES base oil
While ensuring the performance needed for HEES hydraulic fluids, we guarantee the lowest possible carbon footprint for this type of base oils in our portfolio, without the use of carbon offset credits. On top of that these base oils are readily biodegradable and have a high renewable content.
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