Flavour up your NPD with Toasted Sesame Oil

The distinctive aroma of toasted sesame seed oil (Sesamum indicum) is highly regarded in the culinary world, offering a wonderful and organoleptically-pleasing flavour to a variety of dishes. 

In the main, there are two types of sesame seed oil: raw sesame oil, extracted from hulled sesame seeds and used in both the food and cosmetics sectors and toasted sesame oil, used exclusively in the food industry.1

Historically, sesame oil held a prominent place in Hindu culture, where it was seen as a symbol of immortality and widely used during prayers and rituals. Sesame oil also features prominently in Middle Eastern cooking, particularly in the manufacture of tahini, known as the ‘Butter of the East’.2  

But it is with the surging popularity of Korean and Chinese cuisines in Western countries that toasted sesame oil is really coming into its own – particularly when linked to the growing science around its ability to add nutritional value to food products.3

Properties & benefits  

These values can be put down to its rich bioactive components, including minerals, vitamins, phytosterols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols. Sesame oil also contains a unique class of lignans called sesamin and sesamolin.  

Studies indicated that these lignans could have a marked effect on lowering cholesterol and managing high blood pressure levels in humans, while increasing vitamin E supplies in animals.4 In addition, studies highlight its nutritional and physiological health benefits, including powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic activities. This has greatly increased its application in health food and wellness products.5

Raw sesame seed contains between 50 to 60% of high quality oil, and is high in protein, vitamin B1, dietary fibre and an excellent source of phosphorous, iron, magnesium calcium, manganese, copper and zinc.6  Its excellent shelf life and keeping qualities (up to 12 months) can be put down to the presence of phenylpropanoid compounds, tocopherols and phytosterols that all work towards preventing oxidative rancidity.7  

Clear brown in colour, our range of toasted sesame oil is sourced from Mexico, and its use during new product development will allow you to enhance your food products, bringing an added dimension and authentic flavour to popular dishes.  

With the growth of Asian and world cuisines, sesame oil is the ideal product to include in Oriental, Chinese and Asian foods – from sauces to ready meals. 

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