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Lubricant spills can cause health and safety risks to the environment. Traces of these contamination can end up in the food chain and the global environment, thereby affecting us all.

To mitigate these harmful effects, voluntary labeling initiatives and certification schemes arose for lubricants that are likely to spill into the environment. These lubricants are usually found in environmentally sensitive application areas such as:

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  • Power Generation
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Forestry & Agriculture

Following these initiatives, regulations were installed by various governments. Regulations such as the Vessel General Permit by the US Environmental Protection Agency advocates the use of Environmental Acceptable Lubricants (EAL). EAL lubricants use base oils and additives that are compliant with internationally recognized certification schemes such as the EU Ecolabel, Swedish Standard or German Blue Angel for their formulation.

Oleon has developed a full range of esters base oil and additives that are suited for EAL lubricant formulations. To support our customers’ formulations in complying with these criteria, Oleon has registered more than 40 products on the 2020 Lubricant Substance Classification (LuSC) list for EU Ecolabel formulations.
The endless possibilities in fatty acid and alcohol combinations allow you to design tailor-made Oleon esters for your application.
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