Oleon ACTS on the need for sustainable ingredients & processing at in-cosmetics Global

Oleon Health and Beauty (‘Oleon’), specialists in converting natural fats and oils into a wide range of products will be attending this year’s highly anticipated in-cosmetics Global, held from 28 to 30 March at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain.

During the event, Oleon will be highlighting some of its latest trends and innovations across three areas: Its high-profile participation in the INCITE project; the launch of its ‘ACT’ tags for ranges that support sustainably produced beauty and personal care ingredients, and custom designed Jolee® Jellies.

According to Rune Daneels, product manager at Oleon, the company’s participation in the INCITE project is aimed at highlighting its contribution to a greener economy.

“By moving our product manufacturing from a chemical catalytic system to one that embraces enzymatic esterification, during both up-and downstream processing, we are enabling a wide range of benefits for brands looking to develop greener products in the beauty and personal care industry,” Rune says.

“We have achieved great success during the project and will be launching two of our products at the show that display Oleon’s focus on greener cosmetics. These two products will be tagged with our newly launched ‘ACT’ tag that reflects not only the importance for companies to ACT now to combat climate change but is also the abbreviation of the chemical name of an enzyme (acetylcholinesterase),” she explains.

The two Oleon products featuring the ‘ACT’ tag and launched during in-cosmetics Global are Isopropyl Palmitate, known commercially as Radia 7199ACT, and Isoamyl Laurate or Jolee® 7749ACT.

“Enzymatic Isopropyl Palmitate and Enzymatic Isoamyl Laurate are esters produced by our enzymatic process, offering a lower reaction temperature and pressure than conventional chemical reactions. This has a significant impact on lowering a manufacturer’s environmental footprint. Moreover, the products offer higher purity, a lower odor score and fewer VOCs - increasing the overall quality of the products,” Rune points out.

Oleon will also highlight its innovative Jolee® Jellies range of multifunctional ingredients. “The range was developed as an innovative product replacement for waterless and transparent solutions, enabling formulators to develop multi-functional products that can be used in body, face, and hair care. We will be showcasing some great products that offer an impressive sensory and textural feel, lightness and bounce that can add the fun back into skincare - just in time for summer NPD,” she notes.

“We are also very excited to launch our on-stand quiz this year. This will allow visitors to test their knowledge about the impact of industry on our ecological footprint while offering additional insights about the INCITE project, in particular how products manufactured through enzymatic esterification can contribute to a greener industry.

“While you are on the stand, don’t forget to take part in our fantastic initiative with Treedom that will see Oleon plant its very own forest of 400 trees, predicted to absorb 108.50t of CO2. Simply take a photograph with us on the stand and become part of the green revolution,” Rune concludes.

In-cosmetics Global is the meeting place for the international personal care industry, bringing together the who’s who of ingredient suppliers, research, and development teams and all the latest trends and innovations at one event!

Oleon will be sharing a stand with sister company Kerfoot, so don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the stand at AA80 or contacting the team directly to schedule an appointment or meeting at oleonhealthandbeauty@oleon.com

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