Oleon expands its sustainable sourcing practices

As of September 2023, Oleon and our shareholder Avril have expanded the scope of our sustainable sourcing policy to include soy-based raw materials. Additionally, our sustainable sourcing measures have been updated to be in line with upcoming legislations, such as the EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulation n°2023/1115).

You can read our new “Sustainable soy and palm sourcing policy” here.

Since 2016, Oleon has been committed to source palm-based raw materials from suppliers who can prove that the cultivation does not contribute to the destruction of forests and other ecosystems, respects the rights of workers, smallholders, and local communities.  We will implement our new sourcing policy in a dual approach of:

  • Risk assessment and management (traceability, satellite monitoring, etc.).
  • Working on enabling factors to address systemic issues (certification schemes, landscape projects, etc.).
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