Oleon Oelegem awarded Factory of the Future Award

Oleon Oelegem, a leading player in sustainable chemistry, has won the prestigious Factory of the Future Award. The crowning event took place during the ceremony on Feb. 8, where Jeroen Dirckx (Managing Director Derivatives), Pieter Dijckmans (Process Manager) and Saskia Van den Neste (Quality Manager), had the honor of receiving the award.

Jeroen Dirckx emphasizes "Today I stand here as a proud Managing Director of Oleon Derivatives. This recognition means an awful lot to us and reflects the commitment of all our team members over many years." The emphasis was on sustainability as a driving force for success in the chemical industry.

Oleon's award-winning efforts include:

    • Significantly reducing its carbon footprint
    • Conducting life-cycle analyses on all products and investing in an entirely new process
    • Strong focus on safety and housekeeping, particularly in the cosmetics and food industries

The award was seen not just as a trophy, but as a responsibility and a promise to continuously improve and adapt. Dirckx says: "It forces us to intensify our efforts. This with great focus on scope 1 and 2 emissions, investments in digitalization and automation to improve product quality."

Oleon Oelegem remains committed to promoting sustainability, innovation and efficiency in the chemical industry. Says Dirckx, "May this award not only symbolize our past achievements, but also serve as a catalyst for the future. Let us together push our boundaries in the areas of sustainability, innovation and competitiveness."

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