Oleon's Shareholder Avril is continuing efforts to promote the employment of people with disabilities

With two initiatives, a group agreement with the social partners as well as a partnership with Agefiph, the Avril Group, which has been committing to the subject of disability as part of its CSR approach since 2014, is continuing its action in favor of a collective and inclusive project, in line with its purpose of "Serving the Earth".

Signed by Avril with the representative trade unions, the group's agreement establishes the framework and structure of a common approach, effective for a period of three years starting January 1, 2022, for all companies included within Avril's consolidation scope in France.

This initiative demonstrates Avril's commitment to rely on collective's strength to transform its priorities into action:

  • To provide the best possible daily support to the employees concerned;
  • Improve the Group's public visibility among the target audiences;
  • Develop a genuine shared culture of inclusion.

The project unifies practices around a common framework, injecting a new dynamic into the initiatives already in place, for example at Saipol, leader in processing vegetable oils and proteins into renewable energies, set up a dedicated training program for its managers as part of its agreement with Agefiph*.

Alongside deploying the initiatives outlined in the group’s agreement, a study is underway to generalize this approach aimed at supporting disability in the international workplace with programs designed to meet Avril's social responsibility commitments adapted to local context.
This agreement includes also a partnership arrangement with Agefiph* enabling the company to benefit from the financial support, guidance, and expertise of this Association.

According to trade union representative Claude Dastugue (FO), Alain-Gilles Mérimée (CGT), and Laurent Vermuse (CFDT), who signed the contract : "This initial agreement signed by all the representative trade unions opens up new rights to employees with disabilities. It provides a unifying impetus by involving all employees, whether or not they are afflicted by a disability, regardless of its severity. Thanks to tangible measures and tools, such as a guidebook distributed to all employees and the authorized day of leave, we hope to reach 6% of the workforce in the near future and remain a proactive agent in implementing a mobilizing action plan."

For Jean-Philippe Puig, Avril's General Manager: "The signing of the group agreement, result of efforts made throughout the year 2021 with our social partners, and the partnership arrangement with Agefiph*, we are taking an important step in France that solidifies our ambition in line with our corporate purpose of Serving the Earth."

* French Association managing the fund for the integration of disabled people

For Marie de La Roche Kerandraon, Chief Human Resources, Transformation & Engagement Officer : "The signing of this agreement advances our ambition and commits Avril to affirming its responsibility as an inclusive company. A new dynamic is taking shape that will encourage us to do more, to do better, and to broaden our specific tangible initiatives in France and abroad.

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