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People of Oleon: Dayalen Raman



How many years have you been with Oleon?

Since the year 2008.


Describe your role in a few words.

I’m responsible for the overall operations of the Oleon Port Klang plant. I organize and participate in different periodic meetings at the plant level, or with external stakeholders to address matters arising in relation to our operations. Find solutions/remedies to ensure uninterrupted business continuity to meet the requirements of our customers. Together with the combined efforts of another 8 team members, we steer the plant towards a successful future.


What’s your motivation / favorite thing about working in Oleon?

Possibility to learn different topics while executing exciting tasks.

The Oleon product or market that you find most interesting, why?

I’m very interested in the Food business of Oleon. We are not just selling a product to our customers, but a package of application know-hows, and the solutions required to utilize the material in the best possible way.


Working at Oleon is full of challenges and all those challenges will make us a BETTER PERSON, COLLEAGUE, and a SOLID TEAM.