People of Oleon: Sophie Deprey

How many years have you been with Oleon?

Almost 10 years, Since 2014.

Describe your role in a few words.

I am part of the CSR team and I work on very various topics in line with our CSR strategy and transversally with many Oleon departments. I take action for the climate with the monitoring of ECOLIBRA – our sustainability scoring tool which is applied to every new product/blend from the early development phases. Then, I take action for a collective and inclusive project, by supporting the HR team on the setup of the DE&I strategy and by following up the organization of Community Projects within Oleon.

What’s your motivation / favorite thing about working in Oleon?

I’m proud to see that our purpose serving the earth is not only words but a series of concrete actions carried out by all my engaged colleagues. CSR is not only about one team, it’s made for and taken out by all Oleon people. Our collective commitments make us strong and more and more recognized on the market as key ESG pioneers.

The Oleon product or market that you find most interesting, why?

I’m really enthusiastic about the products we are developing thanks to our enzymatic technology. This innovation in the process area showcases how committed we are to make products more and more sustainable, in order to reduce our CO2eq emissions so thus our impact on the planet.

A positive quote – on Oleon or work related.

At Oleon, I’m taking part to the change I would like to see in the world.


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