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To create sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors thus contributing to better food for human and preservation of the planet.


The Avril Group was formed in 1983 at the initiative of the French federation of oilseed and protein crop producers : the Fop, the ONIDOL and UNIP. Originally a financial establishment for the French vegetable oil and protein subsidiary, Proléa, Avril’s investments and acquisitions have made it a major agri-food group in France today.

Avril relies on an original economic model characterized by :

  • a solid base of agricultural shareholders,
  • an active presence in every aspect of the industry,
  • a strong commitment in the field of sustainable development.   


Avril’s mission is to develop the vegetable oil and protein industry, open up new markets, and ensure an equal distribution of value among its members.
In order to succeed in its mission, Avril is involved in every aspect of the industry :

  • research,
  • marketing,
  • processing,
  • adding value to products.


The Group’s strategy involves maintaining a balanced presence in key fields related to nutrition and the environment :

  • human and animal nutrition,
  • renewable energy and renewable chemistry development.

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