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Oleon Corporate Vision

To be a leading global provider of oleochemical building blocks and solutions to our customers worldwide by focusing on customer intimacy, innovation and sustainable development, while providing our employees with a safe and stimulating work environment.


To achieve this we want to

  Maintain a strong safety culture and ensure that the safety of our employees, our equipment and our products is the highest priority in all our activities.

  Enhance customer intimacy by understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and acting as the preferred global partner.

  Set sustainability at the core of Oleon. We are committed to maximize the use of renewable raw materials, reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and aim for complete Corporate Social Responsibility.

  Reap the full potential of oleochemicals through innovation by dedicating a significant amount of our resources to Research and Development, to better understand our customers’ needs and develop creative and innovative solutions to their challenges.

  Have the right portfolio of high quality oleochemicals based on renewable oils and fats, ranging from commodities, such as glycerine and basic fatty acids, to high-end products such as specialty esters, re-engineered fatty acids, dimers, formulations and other customized solutions.

  Strive for continuous improvement of all our processes to strengthen the competitiveness of our operations and maximize value to our stakeholders.

  Empower our people by providing them with a stimulating work environment, constructive social relations, possibilities for self-fulfillment and entrepreneurship, resulting in employee well-being and and talent retention.