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Saturated & Semi-Saturated Fatty Acids
“Stearic acid” is the name commonly used to describe fatty acids with a low amount of unsaturated acids in which palmitic and stearic acid (C16 - C18) are predominant. Stearic acids are used in plastic lubrication, textile auxiliaries, maintenance products, in chemical synthesis of metal salts, esters, nitrogen compounds, high melting waxes, etc. for the production of candles and as hydrophobic coating agents.
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The iodine values can be very low, the color is excellent and the heat stability superior. Several grades are sold with a guaranteed heat stability, as measured by the test VST 23 which expresses the resistance to color degradation after 1h at 204°C. Stearic acids are lubricants for plastics used in packaging of food and raw materials for the production of food additive and industrial household fatty esters, metal stearates, non-dripping high quality candles, shaving sticks, cosmetic soaps, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, waxes, etc. Radiacid 0404, 0406 and 0438 have been subjected to processing which keeps the monounsaturated chains almost intact, while decreasing the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are used in the emulsion polymerization of ABS, SBR and other types of rubbers and they are intermediates for several types of chemical synthesis.

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radiacid 0075
Vegetable based C20+C22 min 50% HEAR
Radiacid 0161
Vegetable based C18-C22 HEAR
Radiacid 0411
Tallow based C16/C18 saturated Category III
Radiacid 0417
Vegetable based C16, C18 saturated Origin: Palm
Radiacid 0464
Vegetable based C16, C18 saturated RBD
Radiacid R 0435
Mixed C16/C18 saturated .
Radiacid R 0436
Tallow based C16/C18 saturated Category III
Radiacid R 0438
Vegetable based Partially hydrogenated Origin: Palm
Radiacid R 0444
Tallow based C16/C18 saturated Category III
Radiacid R 0504
Tallow based Partially hydrogenated Category III